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Wednesday 1 April

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Do I need to wear a swim cap?

No, it is not required. You can find hair bands in our locker rooms.

Come posso prenotarmi per una lezione di Hydrospinning o per un massaggio?

Scarica la APP di Waterbeat Society e prenota sia le lezioni di Hydrospinning che i massaggi direttamente da lì! é semplice, veloce e molto pratico.

Can I give a friend a lesson as a gift?

You can give both lessons and massages as gifts by purchasing Gift Cards at reception.

Can I purchase refreshments?

Yes, in reception you can buy water bottles and Dr. Farmer detox juices.

When is the latest that I can cancel a lesson?

Our policy requires a lesson to be cancelled 24 hours in advance.

Can I bring a friend?

Certainly! You can even have bikes next to each other during training.

Are there lockers?

Yes. You will find spacious and secure lockers, each with a digital lock. You don’t need to bring a lock!

Are there body products available in the changing rooms?

Yes, shampoo, shower gel and hydrating body lotion are at your disposal in the changing rooms.

Can I find out in advance who will be the trainer for the lesson I have chosen?

Of course! Check the “Book now” section of our site or call us.

How many people are there in each lesson?

Every lesson has a maximum of 12 participants.

Are there lesson in foreign languages?

Yes, we have lessons in English and in French.
Consult our timetable online or call us to find out when they are scheduled.

I am a beginner. Is there a lesson for me?

Everyone can participate in any lesson. Every training session includes varying levels of intensity that can change depending on each individuals body form.

What lessons are available?

You can choose between 4 different training sessions:
Waterbeat Cardio, Waterbeat Sculpt, Waterbeat Low-Body, Waterbeat PowerUP.
Find out the best one for you!

How early do I need to arrive before the start of the lesson?

Come 15 minutes before the session in order to change, and enter the water using 5/10 minutes to prepare your bike.

Where can I find Waterbeat Society?

In via Santa Tecla 3 in Milan, just a stone’s throw from Milan’s famous cathedral, il Duomo.

What do I need to bring in order to train?

You only need to bring your swimsuit and the flip-flops. We provide towels and hydrospinning shoes.